With over 21 years in sales, marketing and business development, Zita has worked with large corporate brands such as Southern Cross Healthcare, Blue Star Office Products, Boise, Cardlink Systems and Chubb NZ Ltd. During this time Zita participated in many business, sales and personal development trainings which has equipped her to deliver results for those she works with.

The ability to work in many different markets has given Zita the leading edge in understanding what it takes to achieve sustainable growth regardless of your industry.

“My vision is to CONNECT business owners, sales people & managers in the small business sector and EMPOWER one another through a supportive business community that gives rather than takes.”


In 2007, Antony was the Senior Project Manager for A to Z Building Solutions where he had contractors, builders and labourers reporting to him for large renovation projects. Antony has a natural leadership style that is both engaging and effective. He brings a down-to-earth and relatable approach to INfuzed meetings. Antony has a highly creative side to his ‘toolbox’ of expertise and is the energy behind new ideas such as ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ networking events and ‘TRADIES BEERS & BBQ’s’.

Antony was inspired to create the concept of INfuzed four years ago when he recognised there was a need for an authentic networking group that did things differently. Over the past four years we’ve identified that most small business owners need encouragement, support and a safe place where they can be honest about what’s really going on in their business.

“We are proud to have created a Business Community where honesty, integrity and professionalism are always present. Our INfuzed groups will also encourage deeper business relationships within our membership that others can trust and rely on.”

Erika van der Meer –


After starting in the health industry as an 18-year-old, Erika hopped from one career to another, mainly to suit her young family at the time. “Now it’s me time”, she says, and she’s finally found a way to combine her my passions of natural health and people with creating her own business. As a wellness coach, Erika shows individuals and groups how to achieve better health by means of common sense and all-natural, certified organic products. If your health is important to you or that of your staff, Erika would love to talk to you about options to keep you healthy or improve your health.

“I could not have made a better choice of Tauranga networking group to join! When I started my own business, everything was so overwhelming; I was drowning in all the tasks that came upon my shoulders. My fellow INfuzed member have helped me break it all down in small bites and are always willing to give their advice when I need it. Lots of what we discuss within our group are issues every business owner comes across and all of us need help and a push in the right direction sometime!”

Erika’s offer exclusively for INfuzed members: Free 30 minute health assessment and 20% of any products ordered within 2 weeks.


Margaret Stodart –

Mount/Papamoa Assistant

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