With over 21 years in sales, marketing and business development, Zita has worked with large corporate brands such as Southern Cross Healthcare, Blue Star Office Products, Boise, Cardlink Systems and Chubb NZ Ltd. During this time Zita participated in many business, sales and personal development trainings which has equipped her to deliver results for those she works with.

The ability to work in many different markets has given Zita the leading edge in understanding what it takes to achieve sustainable growth regardless of your industry.

“My vision is to CONNECT business owners, sales people & managers in the small business sector and EMPOWER one another through a supportive business community that gives rather than takes.”


In 2007, Antony was the Senior Project Manager for A to Z Building Solutions where he had contractors, builders and labourers reporting to him for large renovation projects. Antony has a natural leadership style that is both engaging and effective. He brings a down-to-earth and relatable approach to INfuzed meetings. Antony has a highly creative side to his ‘toolbox’ of expertise and is the energy behind new ideas such as ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ networking events and ‘TRADIES BEERS & BBQ’s’.

Antony was inspired to create the concept of INfuzed four years ago when he recognised there was a need for an authentic networking group that did things differently. Over the past four years we’ve identified that most small business owners need encouragement, support and a safe place where they can be honest about what’s really going on in their business.

“We are proud to have created a Business Community where honesty, integrity and professionalism are always present. Our INfuzed groups will also encourage deeper business relationships within our membership that others can trust and rely on.”

Deb Griffiths –


Deb’s has more than 17 years in both corporate and government industries as well as owning her own retail business. Her key responsibilities revolved around staff management, process improvement and project deliverables. Aware that a high percentage of the population are tolerating ‘overwhelm’, anxiety, stress, self-limiting beliefs and dissatisfaction, Deb is committed to working with you – both personally and professionally – to help you reach your true potential and be the best version of yourself.

“Everything begins with you: Change yourself and the world changes. As within, so without. Whatever you think about, comes about. Buried emotions ever die!”

Chris Turner –


Chris found coaching after two careers and 30 years of successful self-employment but with no sense of purpose. Reading and attending workshops had created some shifts, yet something was still missing. In 2007, Chris admitted he was desperately unhappy. Chris found clarity, direction and purpose by working with a Master Life Coach. “It was like hitting the jackpot!”, he says. Chris coaches because he knows first-hand that when we create a new way of being it impacts all areas of our lives: Relationships, Health, Finances and Career.

“I joined Infuzed because being self-employed or a leader in business is also a personal journey. In growing a business, you will inevitably be challenged in many areas including your beliefs and perceived limitations. Infuzed meetings provide a safe, supportive environment to air personal concerns and tap into members’ knowledge and experience to progress the business forward.”

Chris’ Offer: Complimentary private 1 hour consultation, plus an evaluation of all areas of your life today including monetary beliefs.

Caleb Hall –


Caleb had an interesting introduction into the business world. In 2016 while in the professional rugby scene Caleb received a season-ending head injury which forced he and his wife to reassess their life path. They made a decision to stop trading their time for money and embarked on what has been a remarkable entrepreneurial journey. Currently Caleb is involved in four separate businesses stretching across diverse industries including Happy NappyZ, where they are seeking to become NZ’s preferred subscription service for baby goods and beyond.

“I chose to partner with INfuzed because after 9 months of battling away myself, I realised I work best when I am rubbing shoulders with like minded people and that I also have a lot to offer others if given the chance. INfuzed is a great opportunity for both theses things to take place.”

Caleb’s offer for anyone connected to INfuzed: 50% discount on your first Happy NappyZ subscription pack to try the service for yourself.

Paul Cousins –


Paul is enthusiastic about inspiring and helping people to bring their projects to life through the use of the latest Information Technology. He is one of the team at Stratus Blue where he makes uncovering creative solutions to seemingly impossible situations look effortless! He also owns an e-commerce business, Actioncam.nz, where he’s met the challenges of automated systems, tight budgets, mobile working, cloud tools and international trade.

“I love to resolve problems as a group and without doubt, this is one of the key things that makes Infuzed different. It has a culture of discussion that is willing to let the conversation go where it needs to goto achieve the required result. It’s a quick-thinking group, and the focus is always on whoever may need it most.”

Lillybeth Melmoth –


Lillybeth helps women feel glamorous and confident for the ‘red-carpet’ moments in their lives through professional makeup. Most of her work is helping brides planning to marry in the BOP book their wedding-day makeup without hassles with herself or one of her award-winning team. Lillybeth also gives busy women the ‘smarts’ to wear cosmetics with confidence though hands-on makeup lessons. One unique benefit of ‘a beautiful education’ with Lillybeth is her paid services are free from any pressure to purchase product.

“I’m part of the Infuzed team because I admire Zita’s focus and vision, want to learn from her more closely. Plus I enjoy introducing other creative business owners to a community where they can be ‘human’ and let their ‘crazy’ out a little more than what might be accepted in other, more formal environments.”

Lillybeth’s offer: When a woman books a Full Makeup Consultation between April – August, both the referrer and customer are gifted Lillybeth’s favourite foundation brush (worth $29 each).

Margaret Stodart –


Margaret loves to empower people, particularly women, to ‘be the person you needed when you were younger.’ Over the years she has worked as a secretary/administrator, adult tutor in literacy, numeracy, basic computer and employment skills; beauty sales and as a personal style coach. Now she helps women enjoy the benefits of well-fitting underwear, the confidence lovely lingerie gives and the practicality of versatile, comfortable clothes. As an independent consultant for Intimo (an Australasian lingerie and clothing company) Margaret offers a personal, mobile service with private fittings and group presentations.

“I joined INfuzed to grow both in business and personally, as part of a caring, supportive business community.”

Margaret’s offer: Free lingerie drawer audit with every booking, and bonus gifts on purchase.

Erika van der Meer –


After starting in the health industry as an 18-year-old, Erika hopped from one career to another, mainly to suit her young family at the time. “Now it’s me time”, she says, and she’s finally found a way to combine her my passions of natural health and people with creating her own business. As a wellness coach, Erika shows individuals and groups how to achieve better health by means of common sense and all-natural, certified organic products. If your health is important to you or that of your staff, Erika would love to talk to you about options to keep you healthy or improve your health.

“I could not have made a better choice of Tauranga networking group to join! When I started my own business, everything was so overwhelming; I was drowning in all the tasks that came upon my shoulders. My fellow INfuzed member have helped me break it all down in small bites and are always willing to give their advice when I need it. Lots of what we discuss within our group are issues every business owner comes across and all of us need help and a push in the right direction sometime!”

Erika’s offer exclusively for INfuzed members: Free 30 minute health assessment and 20% of any products ordered within 2 weeks.


Jan Lattie –


Jan has over 30 years’ corporate experience in IT Sales and Marketing and in Recruitment Consulting in London and in Wellington. Her perception and genuine liking and respect for people has seen her affect many lives over the years, especially in her recruitment career. Corporate life and an ‘old school’ education have given Jan a wonderful ability to use English effectively. Jan writes content, proof reads and edits for clients and she loves every minute of it. Jan is also an Independent Marketing Executive with Melaleuca.com – The Wellness Company. With Melaleuca, Jan’s on a mission to help people cause less environmental damage with non-toxic products and to generally live healthier, more energetic lives.

“I’m a social girl, and after years of working in teams in the corporate world I felt lonely working from home. I joined Infuzed to enjoy the support, friendship and teamwork within my group and wider Infuzed network. I love Infuzed because I can learn the stuff I don’t know, while also helping others by sharing the stuff I do.”

Jan’s offer: Need your website bio or CV edited? Jan’s offering 20% off when you mention Infuzed.

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